The emerald cut diamonds are thought to be a standout among the most beautiful cuts. This specific cut had first been utilized for cutting emeralds yet people began valuing the look and feel of diamonds in the same cut later on and it picked up in notoriety gradually after some time. Its clean rectangular shape is greatly appreciated as it is simpler to set into jewelry and the consistent shape is regularly desired by the present day era superstars too. The shape of a genuine emerald cut diamond can range from nearly a square to a narrow rectangle. It is generally wise to finalize the setting before choosing the coordinating emerald cut stone. The emerald diamond is well known for its corridor of mirrors effect. Despite not being stunning like many other cuts, the emerald cut diamond creates a terrific illusion of alternating white light on dark panes that are reflected on every step. The corners are for the most part not sharp edges but are instead rounded off, and a cut of superior quality results in the corners shining splendidly.

The emerald diamond can’t contend with the brilliance of a round diamond, however. It is in fact a step cut diamond with less facets than the stones known for their splendor and flame. The wide plane of an emerald cut diamond takes after a staircase, hence the term. The stone is noted for its understated complexity and had been known to grace the fingers of numerous individuals from eminence all through history, and present day celebrities are not disinclined to it either. George Clooney outlined and exhibited a 7 carat emerald diamond ring set in platinum to his wife, Amal Alamuddin. It is extremely uncommon to locate a perfect emerald cut diamond however. The vast majority of them contain various inclusions and color irregularity making it all the more vital to investigate the diamond precisely and pick high evaluations of color and clarity while acquiring such a diamond. Emerald diamonds that are deeply cut often appear bigger in contrast with round, princess, and radiant cuts having the same carat weight.

Despite being prone to defects, emerald stones of the highest quality are often coveted for their vintage cut style and commonly wind up as a solitaire diamonds set in engagement rings. The length to width proportion is not exceedingly important here however and anything between 1.50 to 1.75 is thought to be adequate to showcase the rich parallel lines of the emerald cut alongside its blocked corners. An emerald diamond of VS2 clarity and H color is thought to be of good quality when you don’t compromise on the cut. Then again, you can settle for color I and a clarity of SI1 without lowering the standard in regards to the quality of cut when your financial plan is modest. Emerald diamonds make up just 3% of the world’s diamonds yet their sale worldwide is 15% of all diamonds. This is due in part to the fact that you can expect to get an emerald cut ring for a lesser sum than a round diamond engagement ring.

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