Heart Diamond Cut

The Uttermost Symbol of Love! Heart cut shape diamonds are extremely preferred as the shape is usually identified with love and all things romantic. For people who are thinking about getting one, the appeal and marketability of the heart shaped diamond is like twice the incentive.

It’s no wonder that this particular shape is a very highly esteemed pick for anniversary gifts and engagement bands. After all, diamonds in and of themselves symbolize love, and so does the heart.

A heart cut brilliant diamond can display a level scintillation pattern and project large amounts of fire. The truth, however, is that the majority of diamonds are cut to dismal proportions and often have lack luster appearances. In fact, the heart shaped diamond can be thought to be the most challenging to buy.

Why is that so? Because unlike round brilliant cuts where you could rely on good cut grading assessments (e.g. an excellent cut or a very good cut rating) found in a gemological lab report, there happens to be no such information available when it comes to fancy cuts.

The Heart Diamond

The heart is the universal image of love and in no place is it more clear than in a heart diamond. This specific cut requires the expertise of a specialist diamond craftsman however. A diamond where the split between the two projections happen to be sharply pronounced and where the lower curves meet each other perfectly giving the stone a slightly rounded look at the base is thought to be the most ideal shape of a heart diamond.

It is not a traditional cut however and is defined as a modified brilliant cut or a revised oval diamond by the specialists. Despite being shaped like a heart, this diamond is not very popular when set in an engagement ring nor does it hold much appeal as a component of the wedding jewelry set. The heart cut is rather used for less formal events and make phenomenal presents on Valentine’s Day or anniversaries and birthdays. Additionally, the heart cut looks better when designed into a pendant or necklace and matching earrings instead of a ring. Be that as it may, promise rings are a special case where a splendid shimmering heart diamond is typically found as a solitaire.

It may help to look at the reputed jewelry stores in Dallas and elsewhere that have practical experience in extravagant cut diamonds when you are enthused about a heart cut stone. The symmetry of the diamond is immeasurably essential here, or else the shape of the diamond will not resemble a heart at all. 59 facets happen to be the standard for a heart shaped diamond, but the quantity of lower facets may vary greatly from diamond to diamond. Also, it pays to check the quality of the diamond when searching for a heart cut. A flat diamond will look dull and the whole point behind buying a heart diamond as a sentimental blessing gets lost here. Likewise, a little diamond underneath 50 carat weight will be unimportant as the shape won’t be etched out well, particularly when the stone is set in prongs. The little estimated heart diamonds of 50 carats or slightly more look better in bezel or a three pronged setting that emphasizes the state of a heart plainly. The length to width proportion of an exemplary heart shaped diamond is normally 1.0, though many people lean toward a smaller heart with the proportion wavering between 1.05 to 1.15. Most solitaire rings have a more extensive heart diamond implanted in the setting, however.

Unlike with most cuts, the typical colorlessness of a diamond is not as desirable with regards to a heart stone in Dallas and the rest of America. Numerous romantic people lean toward the warmer hues and the best purchase concerning the color of a heart cut diamond is normally thought to be a G. A clarity of SI1 is thought to be adequate for a heart cut diamond as most clients wouldn’t fret over a couple of inclusions in it as long as they are not too self-evident. The value of a heart diamond in this manner is therefore subjective and it is feasible to get a good cut heart stone with a few blemishes in color and clarity even on a modest budget.

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