Pear diamonds are one of a kind without a doubt. It resembles a delicate tear drop, a shape that is unique and quite sought after. This exquisite cut is the result of a bold combination of a customary round cut with a stunning brightness and a marquise similar to that of a flawless oval.

The delightful pear cut diamond is enormously popular among celebrities in light of their uniqueness. They have been a hit as engagement rings all throughout the world as well. The cut is fairly uncommon despite its ubiquity and you may wind up to be the one and only possessing a stunning tear drop diamond among your social set. The artful blend of two extraordinary cuts of diamonds makes the pear cut irresistible as it embodies the best characteristics of every cut. While you are liable to be astonished by its sheer splendor when all the 58 facets shimmer together (an attribute of the round diamond), you will be satisfied to see that the pear cut diamond makes your finger look more elongated than it really is. A pear diamond is most appropriate when set in an engagement ring, yet they serve similarly well as the centerpiece of a conventional necklace or as a couple of straightforward yet exquisite tear drop earrings.

It is difficult to perceive the best quality pear diamond, however. Remember to counsel a diamond expert or search for the following, in the event that you need to examine the pear diamond all alone before handing over the requisite sum.

  • The value of a pear cut diamond is reduced when one side of the rounded edge is more sloped than the other. A flawless pear diamond has an evenly matched rounded edge.
  • The lowermost point of the tear drop should be precisely in the center of the rounded edges, therefore making a flawless symmetry.
  • The splendor of the conventional round diamond is mirrored perfectly in a pear cut. It is best not to purchase pear cuts with dull zones that don’t reflect light, although an infrequent bow tie effect might be seen in a pear diamond too.
  • The length to width proportion is also quite important in this specific cut. Pick a diamond that has an average width of 1 and length of 1.4-1.7.

Although you are free to set your diamond any way you wish, diamond merchants and noted jewelers recommend having an angular prong in your ring to protect the delicate tip of the pear shaped stone. A plain solitaire is great for showing off the special cut of a pear diamond, especially when it serves as an engagement ring. The six prongs here secure the pear diamond admirably. You are likewise welcome to utilize smaller pear diamond complements.

You may likewise opt for a diamond bezel, if protecting your costly diamond is an essential concern. A brilliant, stunning radiance with a pear diamond as the centerpiece and a few diamond accents ought to serve you well, if you prefer glamorous settings.

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