Diamonds have been Numero Uno since time immemorial and have been exceedingly prominent as jewelry since the dawn of human civilization. While there are various cuts that accentuate the brilliance and fire of a diamond including a whole host of extravagant shapes, certain cuts are known for their recognizable attributes and have been utilized as the centerpiece of numerous acclaimed jewelry through the years.

The Radiant diamond is a magnificent combination of the rich square shape and the eye popping brightness of a round cut. It took the virtuoso of Henry Grossbard, an expert craftsman, over 33 years to make this fabulous cut in 1977. The square and rectangular shape in diamonds that did not bargain on splendor were favored by the hip and happening crowd from that point and the radiant cut diamond was soon available everywhere.

All radiant cuts are not the same, however. You have the square, the rectangular, and numerous other different varieties that may be best described as rectangular or squarish. This variety of shapes will give you the flexibility to pick the best shaped radiant for a particular bit of jewelry. Most women are anxious to search out the best radiant that matches with their fingers as well. Regardless of what the occasion, you are liable to locate a radiant diamond that suits you perfectly.

It is critical to look at the four Cs when you are set on acquiring a radiant diamond, however. The ubiquity of this cut has brought about various imitation stones in the business sector, albeit none of them can achieve the splendor of an original radiant cut diamond more often than not. The spread out carat weight of an original stone makes the diamond appear bigger as well. This is a characteristic that is rarely found in a fake radiant cut diamond.

While numerous people think about a radiant diamond as simply a Princess cut diamond where the corners have been cut off, a connoisseur of diamonds knows the truth. The essential distinction between the two lies in the way the diamond reflects light. A routine Princess cut has a linear life where there are alternate black and white lines of light reflected from its facets, and the indication of a dark X formed at the focal point of a Princess diamond is totally absent in a radiant.

The authentic radiant cut has a circular life that can be defined as light entering through several facets that then gets reflected multiple times inside the stone in this way accentuating its splendor by a large margin. Buying a radiant cut diamond is certainly not a minute task. There are several factors to consider here. When the length to width proportion of a radiant diamond is between 1.00 and 1.05, you get a square shaped one. The proportion of a rectangular radiant is normally more than 1.10. There is nothing superior or second rate about either of the shapes however. Your decision will rely on upon your preference here.

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