Trillion cut diamonds or triangle diamonds are unique stones shaped like a triangle. Otherwise called trilliant cut, or a trillian, this specific diamond cut varies a lot because of its different curved and uncurved surfaces. The cut had been presented in 1962 by the producers of the Asscher cut and was later trademarked. However, the patent has now expired and any gem stone with a triangular cut is currently called a trilliant. The unbranded diamonds shaped as triangles are accredited as either Triangular Brilliant or as Triangular Modified Brilliant by the GIA. The uncurved assortment of triangle diamond more often than not has a length to width proportion of 1.1 with uncurved sides. The brilliance and flame of a Trillion diamond is accentuated, if the depth of the stone is correct. The triangle cut is not utilized as the main focus of an engagement ring or a solitaire, however, and is generally found as accent stones on both sides of a bigger focus diamond that may be of different shapes. Whitney Houston wore a large oval cut diamond with unmistakable trillion side stones on her engagement to Bobby Brown.

You might be able to get a Trillion solitaire, however, yet this specific cut is smoother and uncovers curved edges. The length to width proportion of 1.1 stays unaltered whether curved or uncurved. Coordinated stud earrings designed out of triangle cut diamonds are often too separated from the rings, while solitaire pendants of trillion diamonds are regularly suggested by diamond retailers or top of the line jewelry stores. Cut from a level diamond, the triangle shaped diamond ordinarily looks greater than its carat weight. The radiance is undiminished, in any case, particularly, if the quantity of facets are high. The conventional type of the patented trillion comprised of 50 facets and straight sides alone. However, this shape is currently hard to find.

Because the shallow stones have a tendency to lose their sparkle from the accumulation of dust and grime, it is difficult to maintain their brilliance. Therefore, once purchased, Trillion cut diamond jewelry should be kept clean at all times. Because the hue in the center of the diamonds is completely different from the color at the three corners, it is therefore very important to check the color of the Trillion cut diamond when purchasing. You may often require the help of a diamond expert to survey the worth of a triangle diamond in light of its color. Additionally, you need to check for the symmetry of the trillion while buying it. The shape is best shown visually and it is critical to assess it in person at the store, or demand a photo of the triangle cut diamond when you are set on buying it on the web. Fluorescence is not an essential factor when you are purchasing a solitary diamond, but it should be perfectly matched when you are searching for trillion earrings. Even when the color grades match, a slight variance in fluorescence will cause the pair to look mismatched.

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