Ring Glossary

When your search for a diamond engagement ring begins, the terms and phrases that are used will probably be unfamiliar and perhaps even a little intimidating. To help make the process less confusing, this glossary presents short explanations of a few of the most important terms you should know before you start shopping for an engagement ring:

4 C's

The four characteristics used to describe the quality of your diamond: clarity, color, carat weight, and cut. Read more about all four here.


A setting with a protective, metal rim that encircles the perimeter of the diamonds.


An impurity on the outside surface of the diamond, generally formed from the environment it encounters.


The brightness or white light that is returned from the diamond.

Complete Engagement Ring

A ring that already includes a center stone and any accent diamonds in its setting.

Fire (or Dispersion)

The flashes of colorful light returned from a diamond.


An impurity on the inside of the diamond, generally formed from the Earth.


A diamond engagement ring with three or more featured diamonds.


A ring featuring tiny accent diamonds on the band set closely together (so that very little metal shows through).


The most commonly used diamond setting, especially popular to display solitaire engagement rings. To create a prong setting, a diamond is inserted into three or more metal prongs that form a basket-like base.


The measurements of the diamond that determine the quality of the cut.

Scintillation (or Sparkle)

Reflections of light that are caused by movement of the diamond.


A ring that is already decorated with diamonds and has space for a central, featured diamond. Again, this alone does not include a center diamond.

Setting (also, Blanks or Mountings)

This is the part of the ring on which the diamonds sit and holds the diamond in place. A setting alone does not include a center diamond.

Solitaire Diamond

A diamond engagement ring with one featured (center) diamond.

Although this list does not include every diamond term in existence, it should be sufficient to get you started. Remember to do plenty of research before you start shopping and communicate with your friends, family, and fiancée, however. This will help you to be more confident in your search to find the perfect engagement ring for her!

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