Cut is maybe the one piece of the diamond puzzle that most clients have past information of when looking for Dallas diamonds. The most widely recognized cuts are round, oval, square and princess cut, however there are a few others to consider too. Notwithstanding the real shape of the diamond, cut likewise refers to the depth and table percentage of every diamond. The cut of the diamond is essential to the brilliance, as cuts that are too deep or excessively shallow make a stone look dim or less brilliant. At Avior Jewelry, we believe that the cut is pretty much as important to the magnificence of your diamond, which is the reason we generally strive to use perfect or Premium cuts for our diamonds.

At the point when cutting a diamond, it is the gem dealer’s objective to remain as near to the first weight of the diamond by using a perfect cut. The measure of the rough that is cut from a stone can affect the cost of the diamond. A round-cut diamond will be anywhere in the range of 15 to 25 percent more costly in because of the consideration the gem specialist must take when cutting the stone. Round cuts are more expensive and costly because they are extremely and particularly sought after.

When you search for Dallas diamond, consider the distinctive elements of the cut to ensure you get the most brilliant stone possible for your financial situation.

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