Asscher Diamond Cut or Shape

  • Color: I Color or better. I Color with an Asscher or Emerald cut diamond will give you the best value. Going higher in diamond color will give you an incremental benefit, but I’m not convinced it’s worth the incremental price.
  • I don’t recommend J color with Asscher or Emerald Cuts because they retain color slightly more than Round Brilliants and Princess Cuts.
  • Clarity: Stick to VS2 clarity for the best value. SI2 and SI1 clarity grades are generally not recommended with Step Cuts such as Asscher Cuts and Emerald Cuts. Step cuts aren’t cut for their brilliance, so there’s no break up of light to hide inclusions.
  • The table of an Emerald cut or Asscher cut is like a big clear unobstructed window into the center of the stone. Any inclusions there will be clearly visible. If you are looking for an SI1 or SI2 Asscher or Emerald Cut, then you must verify that the inclusion is not in the center of the stone.
  • Cut Parameters for Asscher & Emerald Cut Diamonds:
    • Depth: 60% to 68% (under 65% is relatively hard to find)
    • Table: 60% to 68%
    • Polish/Symmetry: Good, Very Good, or Excellent
    • Length/Width Ratio:
    • Asscher: 1.00 to 1.05 is GIA’s acceptable range for defining a diamond as “square.”

The Asscher Diamond

Asscher diamonds are not commonly heard of. Made by the Holland-based Asscher siblings in 1902, these diamonds are known for their uniqueness. While taking after an emerald cut from numerous points of view, this specific diamond is shaped like a square rather than a rectangle. It has not been much in vogue as of late however until the primary lead of the TV program, ‘Sex and the City’ began wearing it. Their popularity has expanded with a few Hollywood famous people displaying their specialty Asscher diamond wedding bands. Kate Hudson took a step forward by flaunting her incredible 5-carat Asscher diamond ring as well. Gwyneth Paltrow went with the same design when she got an Asscher diamond wedding ring too. The cut remains somewhat obscure however and you will most likely be unable to discover it in every store offering diamond jewelry as of right now.

The wide facets of the diamond may vary from 58 to 72, which alongside the cut corners really make the diamond look like more like an octagon than a square. There are two types of Asscher diamonds however. The one that is more standard comprises of 58 facets and is not patented. The Royal Asscher Cut, however, was presented in 2001 and subsequently patented. You will be unable to purchase it from anywhere except the company of the same name. The prefix of Royal was given by Queen Juliana of Holland in 1980 to the Asscher Diamond Company. A genuine Royal Asscher Cut diamond will likewise have a miniscule logo of the company engraved by laser into the diamond.

It is completely fine to desire an Asscher diamond when you need something absolutely one of a kind however. Keep in mind to check the characteristics before paying your hard-earned cash, however. Asscher diamonds likewise happen to wear trimmed corners much like the emerald cut, yet that does not imply that the two are indistinguishable. The square cut really emphasizes the depth of the stone and a flawless Asscher cut succeeds in drawing the eye instantly. It is best to choose a stone of good quality according to your budget when you are searching for Asscher diamonds. A color grading H is ideal for this cut although choosing an I is not as advisable as more color is held by this cut than the classic ones. VS2 will do when you are searching for clarity, however. Keep in mind that you will just wind up paying an over the top cost when demanding SI1 and SI2 grades as this specific cut is not known for its splendor not at all like the round or Princess cut. The inclusions are obviously noticeable in an Asscher diamond and you should choose one where such inclusions are obscure and not exactly in the middle of the stone.

The Asscher diamonds make chic rings and look magnificent when set with the guide of four prongs. The solitaire is certainly more prevalent particularly when it is to be given as a wedding ring, yet an Asscher cut diamond ring with small highlight stones has a classy yet stunning look as well.

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