Cushion Diamond Cut or Shape

  • Color: H Color or better. Cushion cuts are one of the worst shapes when it comes to retaining color (or one of the best, if you’re a manufacturer of fancy color diamonds).

This is why you find that Cushions and Radiants are the two most common shapes in the fancy color diamond market. For this reason, I recommend my readers stick with H or better when buying a cushion cut, unless it will be set in yellow gold (in which case, you can go down to J or K)

  • Clarity: Stick to SI2 clarity or SI1 clarity for the best value. Since cushion cuts have a large open table, it might be difficult to find a nice eye clean SI2. So you might have to compromise and end up paying a bit extra for a higher clarity stone.

Don’t trust a site listing virtual inventory at their word regarding checks for eye-cleanliness. Only use a vendor that offers high quality photos and only trust their eye cleanliness check if they’re checking it themselves.

  • Cut Parameters for Cushion Cut Diamonds:
    • Depth: Under 70%
    • Table: Under 70%
    • Polish/Symmetry: Good, Very Good, or Excellent
    • Length/Width Ratio: Whatever you like!

As you can see, these parameters are very loose. It’s important to remember that with Cushion cuts (as is the case with many other soft-sided fancy shapes), you can’t really evaluate a stone’s cut quality by its numbers alone.You need to see the stone and see with your own eyes how it looks.

The Cushion Diamond

The cushion cut diamond that takes after a pad is currently back in vogue in spite of the fact that it had been to some degree hard to find one only a couple of years prior. The substantial estate sales as well as the auction houses handled this specific traditionally cut diamond every so often but it was close to impossible to buy one just by strolling into a store that specialized in diamonds. Thankfully that time has passed now and you will be able to look at various jeweled pieces showcasing the old mine cut, also named the cushion cut diamond now. There are a few diamond merchants and also stores in Dallas, Texas that stock them at present.

It is difficult to admire the diamond unless you realize what a cushion cut is. It is really a mix of the princess diamond (square cut) with rounded ends that makes it look to some degree like a cushion, hence its modern name. This cut has enchanted royalty and ordinary people alike for over 200 years and was once thought to be the de facto shape of diamonds. Although its prevalence had waned with time, it is now back with a bang. In any case, royalty and old business houses have been supplanted by Hollywood and Sports superstars who assumed a major part in the recovery of the cushion cut diamond in Dallas, Texas and elsewhere across the country.

Save a little time for examination and you will find that the super rich golf star had popped the inquiry to his tennis star lover, Catherine Wozniacki with a cushion cut diamond wedding band in a corona setting. It turned out to be popular to the point that the diamond traders and top stores in Dallas as well as other urban areas represent as much as 60% of their diamond sale profits to this exceptional cut. Kaley Cuoco of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ also wore a 2.3 carat cushion cut on her finger as did Kelly Rowland, the Destiny’s Child. The shining cushion cut diamond shimmers with a natural fire that has an immense romantic appeal too. The cut of your diamond has a telling effect on your identity too. Yes, that is the way the legends go. The Cushion diamond is quite often compared to romance and is likely to be a chunky bit of rock that you can don on your finger. The nature of the cut makes it difficult to exceed the others in splendor unless the stone is quite large and that speaks money. No big surprise, the celebs are so willing to show the stone on their ring finger cut as a cushion.

However, it is best to review the basics before separating with your cash. The cut is definitely versatile, yet that is precisely why it is hard to be optimistic about the authenticity of the diamond. Diamond specialists exhort against acquiring excessively deep or shallow cuts however, and to keep an eye on the inclusions that can be seen with the naked eye. The symmetry is likewise something that you should pay attention to in a cushion cut. A flawless symmetry improves the splendor while a poor one displays less perfection. Beware of a solid blue fluorescence that renders the diamond foggy or hazy as well.

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