Numerous individuals get color confused with clarity. Clarity doesn’t refer to how near to white a diamond is. It refers to how free from inclusions a diamond is. The fewer inclusions, the more prized the stone is. The scale ranges from FL to I3, with FL speaking to faultless diamonds. When you purchase a FL or IF diamond, you are buying the best quality in the clarity category. Your diamond will be more costly because of this. On the off chance that you are searching for a clear stone that is less expensive, go for a diamond that is VVs1 or VVs2. These stones are only slightly imperfect, so it is exceptionally hard to see the imperfections with the bare eye.

The most generally sold diamonds in the US are SI1-SI2 stones. While these are not as free from inclusions as the VVs1 or VVs2 diamonds, the imperfections are still hard to see with the bare eye. This is the reason numerous individuals on a tight budget will choose the SI1 or SI2 stones. The stones with the worst quality are the I1 and I2 stones. While these diamonds do have unmistakably obvious imperfections, a great Dallas diamond expert can make a setting for some of these stones that conceals the imperfections to make a piece of beautiful jewelry.

When you search for Dallas engagement rings or diamond jewelry, make sure to look carefully at the clarity data on any stone’s certification. Your diamond expert at Avior Jewelry can likewise demonstrate to you commonly accepted methods to recognize these defects with a gem specialist’s loupe, so you know precisely why your diamonds are graded the way they are.

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