When evaluating diamonds, gem specialists utilize a color scale from “D” to “Z” to grade the nature of the color. The all the more clear the diamond, the nearer to “D” it is graded. Any diamond graded D, E, or F is thought to be colorless, so you’ll see the delightful diamond coloring you are accustomed to finding in promotions. Letter grades at the middle or end of the alphabet contain more yellow and are less energetic in color. Diamonds graded D will be the most costly, as they are nearer to being perfect. Other than yellow, you may see shades of brown in a diamond. These brown spots can fundamentally diminish the expense—and value—of a stone. A few gem specialists will list these different colors on diamond certificates, however, this may not generally be the situation. When you search for diamonds in Dallas, make sure to ask for information about the color of any diamond you are keen to buy.

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